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Authors & Composers

Have you joined the S.I.A.E. as an author of lyrics? Are you a composer of music? Are you looking for an author or a composer? Get involved in the new initiative of the Association M.A.S. which, with a simple subscription, besides the services you can find on, offers you the following opportunities:

  • The right to be selected with lyrics and music and to be contacted or to contact an author or a composer of music for the realization of a song, finally offering you the chance to create and present your own works.
  • To be selected, with one or more songs, for the realization and diffusion of a compilation of new songs, which will be sent as a CD to producers and record companies for the final placement to artists and performers.
  • Realization of master-demos arranged by professionals with vocal versions only for unpublished tracks at a promotional rate.
  • Your songs selected and recorded by M.A.S. will be published and distributed in the domestic market. Unpublished songs already realized are also allowed: our commission will decide whether they can be admitted into the MONANGEL compilation (women’s and men’s versions).
  • The selected songs will be sold also on-line in the M.A.P. SHOP on, to promote and propose more songs to the relevant categories.